The World House


A series of recordings designed to introduce you to the educational work of the World House Project. The podcast builds on the primary documents from the King Papers Project. This project started more than three decades ago, when Coretta Scott King asked Dr. Clayborne Carson to edit and publish a definitive edition of The Papers of Martin Luther King, Jr. Although King is perhaps the best-known American our podcast reveals that there is still much that we can learn about this remarkable man.


Episode 1: Beyond Vietnam
Episode 5: Welcome to Montgomery!
Episode 9: 1961/1962 Albany Movement
Episode 13: 1963 March on Washington
Episode 17: 1965 Watts Rebellion
Episode 21: Final Speech
Episode 2: Early Years
Episode 6: Desegregation at Last
Episode 10: 1963 Birmingham
Episode 14: Nobel Peace Prize
Episode 18: Black Power
Bonus Episode
Episode 3: Crozer Theological Seminary
Episode 7: Pilgrimage to Nonviolence
Episode 11: 1963 Birmingham Part 2
Episode 15: Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr.
Episode 19: 1966 Chicago
Episode 4: Meet Coretta
Episode 8: 1960, The Sit-Ins begin...
Episode 12: The Freedom Rides
Episode 16: Selma to Montgomery
Episode 20: Last March