The World House Project seeks to realize Martin Luther King, Jr.’s vision of the world as a large house in which “we must learn somehow to live with each other in peace.”

We combine educating on human rights and nonviolence with building an active global network. Through education and the network, The World House Project provides the world with empowering resources and strategies that engender solidarity among all peoples.

What We Do


The World House Project educates on global movements for peace and justice. We offer immersive and authoritative materials that engage students with the theory and practice of nonviolence, as well as historical and current struggles for civil and human rights.

Global Network

The World House Global Network (WHGN) is a global network of organizations and individuals committed to human rights and nonviolence. We facilitate communication and collaboration among people working on local and global levels for peace and justice.

Our History

The World House Project, established in 2021 by Martin Luther King, Jr. Centennial Professor, Emeritus Dr. Clayborne Carson, is rooted in over four decades of Dr. Carson’s dedicated scholarship and research at Stanford University focused on Martin Luther King Jr. and the US Civil Rights movement. This project represents the zenith of Dr. Carson’s lifelong commitment to this cause. While the project draws inspiration from Martin Luther King’s visionary ideals, it transcends to encompass the broader realms of nonviolence, civil rights, and the ongoing struggles for peace and human rights.