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American Prophet

In this in-depth course, history comes alive as our director Dr. Clayborne Carson reads through historic documents and visits the major landmarks of the African American freedom struggle. Each episode of the course is centered on a period or an event in Martin Luther King, Jr.’s life. Students can analyze primary sources to help interpret King’s thoughts, motives, and actions.

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Enhance historical understanding via document analysis.


Learn more about “The Autobiography of Martin Luther King, Jr.”


Explore 300+ entries on civil rights figures, events, and organizations.


Navigate a timeline of Martin Luther King’s life from 1929 to 1968.


“Thank you so much for offering this course. There were many documents, letters, and speeches that I didn’t know much about until this class. I have gained a deeper understanding and respect for Dr. King. His message was powerful. I’m especially grateful for the faith he had and exemplified. Nothing else really matters except our relationship with God and our love for him and for our fellow brothers and sisters. Dr. King taught this through word and deed.”

Emery Smith, USA

“I want to express my gratitude for Dr. Carson and the course team.
The course helped me in understanding the goals and acts of Dr. King….
I think Dr. King was a smart person and his leadership played a big role in civil rights movement.
He did what really seemed impossible.
Thank you and keep up the good work.”

Hamideh Iraj, Tehran, Iran

“After doing this course, I find myself thinking, what if? What if, Rev. King had survived? Would we be living in a different US now? Rev. King showed so much patience, love and commitment to the cause. He always put his best foot forward, even when he knew some people may not totally agree with his decision. I realize now more than ever how much he sacrificed for the people. He is an amazing human being. I want to continue studying his work. Thank you for this opportunity. Thank you.”

Barbara Ramsey, Dallas, Texas

Online Course

American Prophet: The Inner Life and Global Vision of Martin Luther King, Jr.

The full online course is available for purchase on edX. The course looks at Martin Luther King’s life through the documents that have survived from the past.