Official Trailers

When I Get Grown:
Reflections of a Freedom Rider

Documentary by Chris Preitauer, The World House Project, 2021

I Am

Documentary by D. Murray, M. Hamilton, and J. Barbisan. Paramount Network, 2018

The Black Panthers:
Vanguard of the Revolution

Documentary by Stanley Nelson and Laurens Grant. PBS, 2015

Al Helm:
Martin Luther King in Palestine

Documentary by Connie Field/Clarity Films, co-produced by the King Institute, 2013

Bringing King
to China

Documentary film by Kevin McKiernan, 2011

Have You Heard
From Johannesburg

Documentary series by Connie Field/Clarity Films, 2010

Tavis Smiley Presents:
MLK50: A Call To Conscience

PBS, 2008

with Guns

The Documentary Institute, 2005

Martin Luther King –
Ein Staatsverbrechen

Rise Up:
The Movement that Changed America

Documentary by History Channel, 2018

The Year That Changed America

Documentary by CNN, 2018

Martin Luther King
by Trevor McDonald

Documentary by Sir Trevor McDonald, ReelZ, 2018

John Lewis:
Get in the Way

Documentary by Kathleen Dowdey, Early Light Productions, 2016


Documentary by Stanley Nelson, PBS, 2014

The African Americans:
Many Rivers to Cross

Documentary series, PBS, 2013

Howard Zinn:
You Can’t Be Neutral on a Moving Train

First Run/Icarus Films, 2004

King in

Prime Video, 2009

Citizen King

PBS DVD Video, American Experience, 2004

Brother Outsider
– the Life of Bayard Rustin

California Newsreel, 2002

– Taking Back the Schools

National Latino Communications Center and Galán Productions, 1996

Freedom on My Mind

Documentary by Connie Field. Clarity Films/California Newsreel, 1994